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Hi, I am Kaan. I want to create things that inspire others, build meaningful connections and keep on growing and learning.

12y Design Experience
UNDEFEATED Coach at Achilles
34 M&M's items

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What defines me? Working in a team and leading it to the best possible result is something that drives me and gives me energy. A big imagination and creative spirit is my added value to every team. Finally, something that is never missing and I always bring with me, is my perseverance. What began as a dream of a twelve year old boy, has now become reality: being a designer working with well-known brands.

My ambition to keep on growing never stops, setting new goals and always keep my eye open for new opportunities. Next stop: you tell me.

Perseverance 95%
100% Complete
Leadership 90%
70% Complete
Teamwork 85%
85% Complete
Photoshop 100%
100% Complete
After Effects 90%
90% Complete
Premiere Pro 80%
80% Complete

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I started designing logo's when I was 14 years old and learned about web design when I was 16. Nowadays, the list is a lot longer than only logo’s and web design. I love to create beautiful designs where my imagination can be expressed.


During my study I have focussed on this particular skill by following a minor Storytelling (specialism Corporate Identities) in Rotterdam. I am very happy with the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in this field.
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For the first time I had the opportunity to gain experience with data: for my graduation intern I completed a project for Valk Exclusive on data research, data aggregation and data visualisation.

Science fiction

My fascination about science fiction and future thinking has grown throughout the years. Theories, stories and visuals about how the world is going to look like in the future, inspires me a lot.


Because of my programming background (HTML/CSS) I have gained a great feel for UI/UX. My third-year internship learned me even more, creating and designing the mobile app for Withlocals.


I have been animating since Macromedia Flash. After Flash disappeared, I dedicated my energy in After Effects and Premiere. I love moving picture and creating moving objects, as it is divers and offers endless creative possibilities.

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